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For riders 10 - 17 years old who have not taken the safety course yet.

To sign up please go to:
www.ci.webster.ny.us and use activity number is #326005-A

If you have problems signing up through the internet you can call Webster Parks at 872-7103.

Please sign up by December 1st if you need to take the course.





Our next General Meeting of the season will be Thursday November 6th, 7:30 at the American Legion on the corner of Five Mile Line Rd and Ridge Rd in Webster.


We are moving the General Meetings back to the American Legion mainly because the attendance fell when we started moving these meetings to various locations.

We would like to increase the attendance at the General Meetings, we will provide pizza and give away one free membership (through a free raffle drawing) to meeting attendee's.


We hope we can get people interested in attending the meetings once again.  For the club to continue to operate in the future we need people to step up and take over the leadership positions about every 5 years.  We are at the point where we need new leaders to step up, if you have any interest in becoming an officer of the club we would love to see you at the meetings and on the trails!


Signing the trails will be taking place soon.  Here is a request from Marty Lazzaro:


Last year was my last year as the sign coordinator for the Webster Ridge Runners.  It really has been fun and I have learned so much about snowmobiling, built and benefited from so many relationships that I developed in the club.  It is now time for someone else to step up and be a volunteer.  This position can be done by one person.  I know this because I have experienced it for 7 years and monitored 6 miles of trails with my crew.  To some, this may seem daunting.  Let me break down the duties and see who steps up to take it on or if we need to break it down to several people overseeing a certain section.  Here is the list:



1.  Coordinate through e-mail, volunteers in the club to make poles and paint them.


2.  Coordinate the usage of the 4 wheeler and 6 wheeler.


3.  Monitor trail changes and coordinate with the map guys to get aerial maps done so the crew knows how to sign them.


4.  Inventory the signs every year and do the bulk sign order each year in July which saves the club a TON of money.


5.  Coordinate a get together for all the sign crews to have a few beers and tell stories.  


6.  Log hours on the state website so that the club can benefit and save members increases in their dues.






This may look like a lot of work but again the advantages far outweigh the work load.  I am at a point that I have other committments with my boys in scouting and sports that I want to spend more time in their interests.  Please do not let me stress out about not having someone take this over.  It is a well oiled machine with some great volunteers to work with. I truely mean that.  You will feel like you do not do enough compared to the guys that really make this machine work.  I  would also entertain the idea of having people take on one or two of the tasks and be in communication with the person that takes the lead on it.




For years, I, as well as the members and volunteers of the signing group, have taken great pride in making the trails safe for you and your kids.  Please keep this pride going.  Only your enthusiasm and help will make it happen.









Please consider helping the club that has already put so much time in for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







January Newsletter Link  Take a look at the recent newsletter its been a while since we did one so please check it out:  http://www.websterridgerunners.com/nl/WRR_Jan_2014_Newsletter.pdf

Below are links to several versions of our trail map including Webster and Wayne County.  Please print whatever verions you would like for your trail map as many as you like.  There are 8 1/2" x 11 and 8 1/2" x 17" versions.



SNO-PHONE 585-234-0095


Club Trailheads:

Trailer your sled to the following locations:

Bill Gray's  364 Rte 104 Ontario 14519

Carey Lake  937 Walworth-Penfield Rd (Rte 441) Macedon 14502

Blue Heron Hills  1 Country Club Drive Macedon 14502

Log Cabin Restaurant   2445 West Walworth Rd, Macedon 14502


Please support our landowners that sell produce locally

Here is a list of landowners on our trail system that grow and sell produce.

Please take the time to reciprocate their support by purchasing our local

growers’ goods and services.


G & S Orchards. Stand is on Lincoln Rd. at Atlantic Avenue.


1835 Route 104 Union Hill, NY

Radiance Harvest Farm Tomatoes, Lettuce, Carrots.


4418 Ontario Center Road

Walworth, NY

Strawberries & Cherries


Wilbert's Christmas Trees

1321 Salt Road, Webster,NY 14580


1530 Harris Road

Penfield, NY

Pumpkins, hay, straw.

Please join our FACEBOOK page for daily updates and on the trail and grooming photos when the trails open!








Trail Cam Parish Motel, Oswego County

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